Wire Gauge Converter and PCB Helper

This application converts wire size given in American Wire Gauge (AWG) units into inches and millimeters. Admittedly, a simple task if you have a set of wire tables handy, but difficult if you don't. You can also choose to enter wire diameter in inches or millimeters and the program will convert it to AWG.

Printed Circuit Boards

As an aid to generating Printed Circuit Board (PCB) drilling data, this program will also display the minimum hole diameter required in a PCB for the wire in question. The hole size specification follows the usual industry standard of allowing for buildup of internal hole plating, plus a few thousandths of an inch beyond the nominal wire diameter. This allows for a comfortable fit of the wire or component lead and for some solder flow around the lead after insertion.

Limitations on Wire Diameter

This program will only accept AWG numbers from 1 to 40, and round, solid wire sizes between 0.08 and 7.35 millimeters or between 0.0031 and 0.289 inches. An error message will pop up if these limits are exceeded -- or if non-numeric data is entered into the Wire Diameter box. (To clear the error message, just click on the balloon, then enter new data.) Your board manufacturing house will have a list of available drill sizes, but it's usually a good idea to confine your choices to .020, .025, .029, .035, .040, .046, .052, .061, .067, .079, .093, .110, or .125 inches

Click here to download the Wire Gauge Converter program