It's a bird ... it's a plane ... it's SUPER-HAM!!

Those of us who spent any time reading comic books when we were kids can't help wondering what it would be like if Kal-El (also known as "Superman" or "Clark Kent") took up ham radio as a hobby.

Think of the possibilities! With his power to "leap tall buildings in a single bound" he could easily string wire antennas up in the highest treetops -- so high they would be invisible from the ground, thus avoiding the objections of landlords or homeowners associations. When not fighting crime, this could be a lucrative side job for mild-mannered reporter Clark Kent.

By combining his microscopic and heat vision, Superman would be able to solder even the tiniest electronic components merely by staring at them. No need for a soldering iron or magnifying glass to put a kit together for the man from Krypton!

With his photographic memory, he could memorize every manual for every piece of equipment in his shack, so he would never have to drag out a book to look up some obscure feature buried deep under several layers of digital menu items.

But there's no up side without a down side, and in times of great excitement even super beings can forget to control their super powers. This can lead to unfortunate results. For example, he has been known to inadvertently leave his fingerprints in hardened concrete so we can imagine the shack of the Man of Steel being littered with broken and crushed microphones as he squeezes the push-to-talk buttons too hard in the excitement of a contest or chasing some elusive DX.

And let's not even think about CW. With his super hearing, he could handle code speeds far beyond what any of us can do. Near the end of a contest, as things are heating up, Superman would get caught up in the rush, sending code faster and faster, overheating his paddle key until it literally melted down into a pile of useless slag.

A few pieces of Kryptonite in the right places might weaken him enough to prevent disasters like these, or ... maybe he should just find another hobby.